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MINI Strangeness

Wednesday, January 25th, 2006

I’ve had a strange problem overnight on my Cooper.

Came back in late last night (11pm), -3°C outside. Parked my MINI up on the street, locked and alarmed via the key fob button.

Alarm goes off at 2am and I rush out of bed, investigate and no obvious problems, so re-lock and alarm and go off to bed.

Go back out this morning, open the car and the red alarm LED is flashing madly, so obviously it’s gone off again since I locked it at 2am - sorry neighbours…

Still no problems apparent, so re-lock her. Alarm went off within 30 seconds :(

Got in, noticed that the drivers’ (RH) side window wasn’t dropping or raising when the door was opened/closed, but the passenger side was working fine. Turned the ignition and ran the window up and down in an attempt to reset it, but still wasn’t dropped/raising when the door was opened and closed. Tried to lock the car with the remote fob but it wouldn’t lock. Tried with the key in the drivers’ door lock but the central locking wasn’t working!

Last ditch attempt - started the car with the doors shut, within 10 seconds the window jumps up closing the gap. Stop engine, get out, lock with the key fob and it’s all working again - alarm hasn’t peeped since :)

I’m wondering if it’s “one of those things” or something more sinister to worry about…