MINI OBC Retrofit


To retrofit the On Board Computer (OBC) onto a MINI which doesn’t have the function already but does have a temperature gauge on the rev counter, you will need a replacement indicator stalk and a cable set.

There are two types of indicator/headlamp switch available, depending on the age and options fitted to your car:

  1. Any MINI without an alarm, or cars built before January 2005 (before the introduction of low screenwash indicator light)
  2. Cars built after January 2005 also fitted with a factory-fit MINI alarm system (alarm LED present on left hand stalk)

If you wish to use brand new parts, the first type of stalk is available bundled with the cable set from your MINI or BMW dealer as part number 62 13 0 029 492 for £99.95. At the moment I don’t have a part number for the second stalk full kit.

However, there is another option - both types of stalk come up frequently on eBay for around £20, and the cable set is available from dealers as a separate item - part number 61 12 0 140 552 for around £19.95. This is how I got the parts together for my retrofit, and this is what they looked like:

Retrofit Parts New Indicator/Headlamp Switch with OBC Button

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2 comments to “MINI OBC Retrofit”

  1. Comment by Digial Speed in a mini one - 2002 - MINI2:

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  2. Comment by Franco:

    Hi there Martin this is quite interesting, as my wife has an ‘52 MCS and it does not have the OBC. This would be quite beneficial as we are never sure what the MPG is and fuel left in the tank so something like this would help. Is it quite straightforward to do? Is it something that we could also get off a written off MCS or would we need to get it new? Your help would be greatly appreciated, thanks Franco

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