MINI Side Repeater Change

Intro and Preparation

Changing the side repeaters on your MINI is a very quick and easy way to smarten it up. Whether you choose genuine MINI parts or an aftermarket alternative, the method to change them is the same. I changed my orange repeaters for genuine white ones.

First off - pop the bonnet and look down the left and right hand edges of the underbonnet area, behind the bonnet hinges. You’ll be able to see the back of the vents so you’ll have more idea of what you’re working on. If you’ve got headlamp washers and the second washer bottle then the back of the vent might be a bit more fiddly to get to, as it is on the side with the windscreen washer bottle.

Before - imagine it's orange! Inside of vent area - right of engine bay Right hand side of engine bay


Put your hand down behind the side vent (under the bonnet hinge) and push the back of the side vent to pop it out of the clip. Be careful at this point as the edge of the vent hole can be sharp and might cut you. If possible use a cloth or towel to protect your precious digits :mrgreen:

Remove the front of the vent from the clip and slide the vent forwards to detach it from the back.

Get hand behind vent and push Remove front of vent Slide vent off from back

Squeeze the clips on the electrical plug and pull, this can be quite fiddly as it’s well sealed, try wiggling the plug gently to persuade it. You can now take the vent off your MINI to swap over the repeater.

Squeeze clips on plug and pull Remove vent from MINI

Using your thumb, push the repeater lamp against its large springy tab. You need to move it about 2 or 3 millimetres, you can then push the lamp out of the vent.

Push against large tab Push lens out of vent Empty vent


With old repeater removed, you can now fit the new repeater. Put the new repeater, complete with the bulb holder in the repeater hole from the outside as shown in the second photo below. Get the large tab located properly, then on the outside of the lens push along with your thumb until it clicks into place.

Once you’ve got the repeater in you can reconnect the plug - this only goes back on one way so you can’t go wrong! :)

New lens fitted - slide the large tab in first Push along until it clicks into place Plug refitted

Finally, refit the vent. Slide the vent on at the rear, and then push the front of vent into its clip until you hear it click loudly.

Slide vent on at back Push front of vent into clip

Do the same on the other side, close the bonnet, turn the hazards on and stand back and admire your handywork :D

New side repeater fitted!

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